Why Cynosure

Why Cynosure?

We strongly believe in small businesses. They inspire. They spark innovation. They create jobs out of thin air. They fuel our local and national economy and collectively make our nation strong in the global marketplace. We owe it to entrepreneurs like you to do everything we can to help encourage the continuing growth and success of those who dare to take a risk and make something great out of nothing.

The skills needed to be successful in business are broad and deep. To successfully compete, you need a team of people to help you round out your strengths to create something great. Cynosure has taken the best practices previously only afforded by large companies and made them available to you. We offer consultation, education, and heavy lifting to help get your business on its way. We know you are crazy busy, working with a shoestring budget, and trying to grow as fast as possible. We built our services to fit directly into your world so you can focus on the right things, build a phenomenal business, and realize your dreams.


We'll Connect You To The Right Customers
man-touching-people-pno-glass-300x192The connection you have with your market is the core of why you are in business in the first place…to serve the needs of others with the intent to mutually prosper. This is where you figure out the glue that bonds buyer needs to your value proposition. We can help you properly identify what that connection should look like so you can focus all your resources on the activities that deliver the highest rate of return for your young company.
The core determines the who/why/how of your business and it articulates the basis for your lasting, sustainable connection with a market. When developed and properly strengthened, the business core makes all other activities exponentially easier and it reduces the risk of failure. Examples include advertising, lead generation, sales process, pricing, support, roadmaps, competitive differentiation, and profit modeling. These are all examples of business functions that are supported directly by the core and their success is determined by the strength of the core.

When businesses have a weak core, they often attribute their struggles near the areas where the symptoms manifest. For example, a decline or plateau in sales is often seen as a sales failure and mitigated with sales tactics. These serve only to temporarily pacify the problem. Almost every critical failure in startups ties back to failure(s) at the core. Yet it’s common to mistakenly blame the failures on the symptomatic areas or to use convenient excuses, such as sales incompetence, competition, price, competence of others, you name it.

A strong core exponentially increases your probability of success and creates a predictable path to execute along. When done properly, the success of most other functions within the business becomes more of a function of human effort than of experimentation.

We'll Address The Critical Knowledge Gap
guy-facing-question-marks2So you have great idea (invention, service, products, etc.). You want to get it into market and start selling as fast as possible. You have fewer resources than you need and a lot of things to figure out along the way. But you don’t have expertise in all the areas you need. This is the common problem almost every entrepreneur faces. Most people race to get sales as fast as they can, hoping that the rest will work itself out after the revenue grows. This mistake is a key reason 80% of startups fail. The failure stems from a poorly constructed business core. Without it, you will never see the sales you need to grow and build the talented team you need. The good news is that you can fill this gap. We can help you do what the big companies do, without the big company budget.
Large companies use specialists called product managers and product marketers to help them figure out all the key details about how to get products into market. Examples of tasks commonly performed by specialists include

– Market analysis and segmentation
– Profitability analysis
– Selection & description of target markets
– Requirements gathering
– Product definition
– Pricing & forecasting
– Positioning and Sales training
– Product launch plans
– Competitive positioning
– Forecasting and growth
– Profit optimization

Half of these specialists have been doing this for over 10 years and earned between $120-200k last year. You probably cannot afford these specialists or their experience, yet that type of work defines the very core of your business. This is why we are here. We can help.

We have taken the best practices from this specialty and adapted them to the startup and small business world. We have created ways of getting rapid results at a price you can afford. We can give you the opportunity to gain access to top talent with a minimal commitment and at an affordable price. Our service pays for itself by directing you away from wasteful activities and experimentation, while getting you laser focused on the activities that can actually catapult your business. Not only do we help you find the most profitable way to grow, but we give you the business foundation and credibility you need when seeking investors. There are many aspects of your business that you will choose to do yourself, but this is one area of your business that must be done with the help of a specialist. You don’t want to become another statistic, and with our help, you wont have to be.

We'll Reduce The Barriers Of Growth
tree-in-road-300x192There are a variety of obstacles at your doorstep, and there are more to come, before you see your impressive revenues and bottom-line profit. Since your resources are very limited, every decision you make about staffing, development, software tools, inventory, website development, sales process, and more, all tie back to the core of your business. We will help you understand how to make all these decisions align with your core so every hour and every dollar spent is put directly toward your highest and best use.
This focus will help you ignore barriers that don’t matter, and tear down the ones that do. These barriers come in many areas, such as:

– Figuring out your minimum viable product
– Finding & reaching customers
– Choosing what to say (and what not to!)
– Structuring your website
– Advertising
– Sales process
– And more

We will help you navigate through the barriers and obstacles in areas such as these by helping you understand exactly what your most valuable activities really are. We will give you techniques and tools with which you can use to face any obstacle and navigate around it with ease.