Perfecting Communications


Refine how you interact with your clients so your value prop resonates quickly and clearly in everything you do.


brain-300x192Positioning is a combination of art and science.  Our definition of positioning is simple: It is the process through which you create a memorable idea (consisting of unique value) in the mind of your audience.  Once you figure out your positioning, you are well equipped to begin working on the sales process.  When done properly, your sales team will know exactly what to say to earn the commitment you require of your audience.

The science of positioning stems from your research into the market needs and motives of your potential buyers.  It then draws upon your unique value in the market to create a message that connects them together.  The art in this process is where you connect to the emotions of your audience using specific language, imagery, colors, patterns of engagement and more.

When combined with good tools like CRM software, you will be equipped to guide your sales reps through a predictable and measurable process.  When positioning is absent, your sale team is left with no option other than to explore, experiment and waste your money.  Proper positioning and sales training will lead your sales team down a road you can manage toward success, and it reduces your risk of wasted time and money.

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