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Tackle your software projects with ease while dramatically reducing your development costs and implementation time.

Outsourced Software Development

outsourcing-300x192Developing software can be a huge hurdle to get over as you try to get yourself into market.  For many startups, the largest expenses are in the areas of product development, website creation, and back office systems.  Our other services will help you focus your efforts on what you need most so you can reduce these expenses.  However, sooner or later you will have to spend money to build something.  We have an easy way for you to get affordable development done with a high degree of efficiency and accountability.

In the world of software development, there are several key areas to think about:

– Market Requirements (what you want to accomplish)
– Development Requirements (the exact features)Specifications (the detailed technical plan)
– Development (the actual coding)
– Functional Testing (does it meet specs?)
– Environmental Testing (does it satisfy the market?)
– Project Management (keeping the project on track)

We can help you in any of these areas.  If you like, we can manage the entire process, it’s up to you.  Our team offers decades of experience in these areas.

Offshore Development
signs-300x192Companies are turning more and more toward offshore outsourcing to India, Russia and South Africa for things like software and call centers.  Offshore is attractive because of lower costs.  However, there are mixed results for businesses primarily because they do not know how to properly engage and manage these great resources.  We have a solution to the common problems so you can outsource offshore with confidence.

Mismanagement leads to low quality, late delivery, and high cost.  Common reasons include:

– Poor requirements
– Poor coordination between domestic & offshore teams
– Cultural and communication gaps
– Shortcuts taken in the wrong areas

Our team is experienced in with working with offshore developers.  We can be the bridge that makes the offshore team feel like they are local.  You work directly with us and we handle the rest so you don’t have to worry.  We have extensive connections to the “silicon valley of Russia” where we can get your projects done with brilliant teams at great prices.  Here is a little background on the city:

– Over 100 software development and IT companies
– 35 research institutes
– During Soviet Era, was home to 65,000 scientists and their families
– Russia’s most attractive labor market in the IT industry with skilled personnel, lower wages and a moderate turnover rate
– An educational center cultivating highly qualified software engineers and providing resources for offshore software development companies
– The home of Intel and Schlumberger’s software development centers in Russia
– An economic center, where Microsoft, Intel, Sun Microsystems, HP and other IT giants have representative offices

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