Tailored Services

Tailored Services

The items you will see below are things you will do at some point, but the depth and attention will be up to you.  We know you are running lean, fast and furious.  We have adapted the best practices of our industry to your situation to keep your costs down and get you to market quickly.  We strive for efficiency and we understand how to help you through these stages in a manner that is easy, fast, affordable, (and most importantly) effective!

The very first thing we will do is to learn about you, your idea, and the state of your business.  We will take our understanding of your unique situation and quickly tailor a program around your needs.  As you will see in our pricing section, we offer great flexibility to help you get the work done within your budget.


Tailored Pricing


Pay As You Go

Lets you make small commitments. You simply pay in advance for any work anticipated during the following week. This is best for short-term projects and quick activities in Level 1.

Recurring Billing

Delivers predicable spending based on a weekly or monthly time commitment between both parties. Automatically schedule recurring payments by credit card or recurring purchase orders. Perfect for longer projects and activities in Levels 2-3.


– Receive 5% discount for prepayment of services
– Referral program offers up to $500 cash or $1000 service credit per referral


  • Level 1 – Tactical

    • Web Content
    • Presentations
    • White Papers
    • Email Campaigns
    • Training Materials
  • Level 2 – Operational

    • Buyer Motives
    • Product Positioning
    • Product Messaging
    • Market Research
    • Customer Selection
    • Product Roadmaps
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Win/Loss Analysis
    • Launch Plans
  • Level 3 – Strategic

    • Sustainable Differentiation
    • Company Positioning
    • Website Strategy
    • Competitive Strategy
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Channel Strategy
    • Pricing Strategy
    • Financial Modeling
    • Strategic Partnerships